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Founded in 1919, Lilleker Bros. is a Mechanical & Electrical, Civil, Building and Water Treatment Engineering Company. Since 1919 when the company was founded by the original Lilleker brothers, Lilleker Bros. has grown to be a National and International; operating in the Steel, Oil, Gas & Coal Industrial Sectors of Engineering, whilst being equally well known in the Government and Commercial Sectors.

In the early 1960s Pearson Plc, which was operating from Mill Bank Towers, London, was one of the UK's largest companies to purchase shares in Lilleker Bros. Since then the company has taken on the international market expanding its client base to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Lilleker followed another associate of Pearson Plc, Messrs Longman Publishers, into Nigeria.

The Nigerian Branch of Lilleker Bros (Lilleker Bros (Nig.) Ltd) was founded in 1978 after Lilleker Bros came to Nigeria in 1974 on a Design & Building contract for Hotels in Kano and Zaria. They soon received a large contract with the Ahmadu Bello University for its Faculty of Medicine and its new state of art 1000 bedroom Teaching Hospital. Many building design projects followed including the construction of the entire Sokoto University alongside the market development and street lighting for Sokoto. Lilleker Bros also took charge in the building of the new Lever Brothers Factory in Aba and were also contracted in Lagos for the 33 and 11kv capacitor banks in all NEPA's substations in the Metropolis of Lagos.

In recent years, Lilleker Bros has been engaged in large Water Projects with many of the federation states and is currently carrying out World Bank Water Projects in Calabar and Enugu. It has supplied and designed 132kv Transmission Lines in Rivers State for NDDC which is nearing completion, and has embarked on street lighting projects in several cities within the states. Calabar has now 50km of new street lighting supplied by a dedicated 11kv line and backup power generator plant lighting of the City is guaranteed every night from 6pm to 7am, unlike the surrounding areas which still rely on NEPA for its street lighting. A team of Lagos State Employees recently visited Calabar to inspect the lighting. and after the inspection the team conducted meetings with Lagos Ministry of Works and His Excellency the Governor of Lagos.

Since then, Lilleker Bros has designed and submitted many Design and Building tenders for road lighting schemes which meet international road transport standards. One example of which is the lighting for Mobolaji Bank Anthony Road from the local airport to the Ikorodu Road Junction. The installation is complimentary to the new landscape grading and beautification of the central road reservations. The new string of lighting begins at the Police Roundabout situated at the local airport with a 30m angle mast which boasts a 6 No. 600 watt Son T. High Pressure Sodium Lantern, illuminating the surrounding area. A mixture of twin and single, galvanized steel columns with 250watt high pressure sodium lamps will illuminate the entire route of Mobolaji Bank Anthony with the final column matching the mast within the airport, again having a 6 No. 600 watt Son T. High Pressure Sodium Lantern. The continuing future design will incorporate dedicated lines for the street lighting, however in the meanwhile two package substations, housing transformers and generators, complete with automatic mains failure panels and changeover switchgear, provide constant power to the lights between the hours of darkness. This project led to Lilleker Bros' award of the design and construction of the Substation at the Marina, and the refurbishment of 100, No.25mt high mast lights costing 5 million.

More recently Lilleker Bros has undertaken the Design and Building of Generating Plants, Sub-stations, underground road works, the creation of dedicated supplies and the construction of huge substations and living quarters for the operators, giving Ikeja over 6000 lights costing some N14 billion ($100m). This contract was awarded to Lilleker Bros on the 15th May 2008 by His Excellency the Governor of Lagos.

Finally, in the last stage of approval is a Joint Venture Design & Building contract for the Cross River State Water Board for Lilleker Bros - PW Ltd Consortium to build three New Water Treatment Plants in Cross River financed by HSBC - ECGD of the UK which was instigated by the Department of Trade Lagos. This project will be on line towards the latter part of this year.

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